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Why Should I Care About a Water Hammer?

It’s common to hear the metal pipes in your home’s plumbing make loud banging noises whenever an appliance draws water or a faucet is turned off. Sadly, this noise, commonly referred to as “water hammer,” isn’t just bothersome; it could actually damage your plumbing system. Water hammer, often known as a hydraulic shock in technical jargon, is the result of water abruptly stopping or changing direction. This sends a shock wave through your pipes, causing them to tremble, move, and crash into one another.

Water hammers in pipes were already a well-known occurrence when Roman architect Marcus Vitruvius Pollio first noticed them in the public water system in the first century B.C. Thankfully, since then, we’ve learned how to handle them. By reading the material below, you may discover everything there is to know about hammering pipes, including the possible problems they might cause and how to stop them in your home.

What is a water hammer?

“Water hammer” is the name for the pressure spike that happens when a fluid is forced to abruptly stop or change direction. This sudden change in momentum results in shockwaves, which cause water and pipes to smash and tremble. Water hammer gets its name from the sound of water “hammering” through pipes and valves. 

We should note that quite simple factors, such as high water pressure, can occasionally lead to water hammering. To determine if your water pressure is the problem, check your water pressure gauge and make any required adjustments. An expert plumber from CBJ Passaic Plumbers can test and modify your home’s water pressure if you’re not sure about it.

Water hammer: How dangerous is it?

Water hammer damage over time can wear out pipe joints and valves. Older pipes could develop cracks, start leaking, or detach from their joints. If your surge is caused by too much water pressure, your health may also be at risk. A hot or powerful shower can physically hurt someone if they weren’t prepared for it.

remedies for water hammer.

There are various ways to stop water pipes from slamming shut every time you turn on the faucet and to resolve the water hammer. The choices that are most well-liked and prosperous will be listed.

  • repairing exposed pipelines. If your pipes are not secured, even a small amount of water pounding could cause them to quiver and bang. Securing any loose pipes is the easiest and most cost-effective way to solve the problem. You can add more straps or hangers, tighten any slack ones, wrap exposed pipe portions in pipe insulation to act as shock absorbers or do any of these things. Your pipes will be secured at the stud or joist in this way. Extreme issues won’t be resolved by this approach, but mild issues will be safeguarded in a number of ways.
  • Create a compartment for air. A water hammer is the result of a sudden stop in a pipe’s water flow. The water smacks into the pipe valves that were just shut, creating a shockwave that returns through the pipe. If you install an alternate path for the water to rebound, the water won’t slam into the valve wall when the valve closes. A small vertical pipe section known as an air chamber is placed adjacent to possibly troublesome valves. Your closed valves create a path for water and additional force to travel. A skilled plumber is able to quickly and easily install pipe air chambers.
  • Install water shock abortions that are mechanical. The best solution for severe hydraulic shock problems is mechanical shock arrestors when building an air chamber is not a possibility. They are placed all around the damaged plumbing joints. They are a device consisting of a spring and an air bladder. Mechanical water shock arrestors carry out exactly what their name suggests. Closed valve walls absorb and stop the shockwave that is created when water slams against them, neutralizing it before it can reverberate through your pipes. 

Reduce the noise of the home water hammer

Ignoring minor plumbing problems only causes larger problems later. If you’re unsure of how to stop your water pipes from pounding, give CBJ Passaic Plumbers a call. Treating the water hammer noise and any potential harm it may be causing to your home’s plumbing will be advantageous to both of you. We’ll send out one of our experts to locate and address your issue as quickly and successfully as possible.