5 Plumbing Problems Costing You Money

5 Plumbing Problems Costing You Money

A legend depicts an ostrich burying its head in the sand to avoid harm. However, it is no myth that many New Jersey families would ignore plumbing troubles, believing they would go away on their own. Click here.

It’s more complex than Drip, Drip, Drip.

This thinking may be expensive since problems seldom go away on their own. They frequently develop into a larger and more costly plumbing issue. To save money in the long run, our CBJ Passaic Plumbers Service plumbers recommend addressing problems as soon as they arise.

These 5 Common Plumbing Issues Will Cost You Money

Here are the top 10 most frequent plumbing problems, according to our experts:

1. Leaky faucet

The most common problem our plumbers deal with daily is a leaky faucet, comparable to dumping money down the drain. Water wasting might cost you 10% extra on your water bill.

Don’t trust me? A leaky faucet may waste up to 10,000 gallons of water each year, according to the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). This translates to around 270 loads of laundry. The good news is that a leaky faucet is typically simple to repair.

2. Running toilet

Every year, a running toilet may waste hundreds of gallons of water, resulting in a higher water bill. This, too, might be a straightforward fix, depending on why the toilet is always running.

Sometimes the repair is as simple as untangling the flapper chain in the tank or repositioning the flapper on the drain. Both difficulties create constant water leakage, resulting in the tank needing to be replenished. Replace the flapper valve, float, or fill the tube as necessary.

3. Wrong-sized sump pump

It is more important than you may believe in ensuring that your sump pump is the appropriate size for your property. If your pump is too tiny, it may get overwhelmed and constantly activate to keep up with the flow of water in your Passaic house. This might result in higher energy bills or pump burnout.

Alternatively, the pump may be unable to keep up, resulting in a flooded basement. These problems are prevented and handled by employing the proper-sized sump pump. If you believe your pump is too small for your home, please call one of our CBJ Passaic Plumbers, highly skilled and experienced plumbers.

4. Water heater is making noises

Expect your water heater to continue making loud thumping sounds. The most typical cause is collected silt at the tank’s bottom. Upon turning on the hot water, the sediment flows around, causing air bubbles to rise. Between the bubbles and the silt, you may hear hammering noises.

Ignoring this issue costs you money since it reduces the life of your tank. So, as soon as you hear the noises, call one of our professional plumbers. To avoid this in the first place, have your tank emptied and cleaned once a year.

5. Dripping sounds in walls or ceiling

Dripping sounds in your Passaic home’s walls or ceiling might indicate a water leak in the subsurface plumbing. This may lead to costly repairs, such as rotted wood, plaster, drywall, and mold growth. You’ve undoubtedly seen that even little Rocks may be eroded over time by large volumes of water. Said, the materials in your home are significantly more quickly worn away and destroyed.

If you hear leaking sounds, please call one of our plumbers immediately. You will eventually spend more money if you ignore drips. It’s best to find out sooner rather than later.

CBJ Passaic Plumbers Service Is Here for All Your Plumbing Needs

These are just a few more typical plumbing issues that our CBJ Passaic Plumbers deal with daily in Passaic, New Jersey, homes. If you detect any of these plumbing concerns in your house, contact us at (973) 601-5593 or request repair online to save money in the long term. We are here to assist you.