5 Important Winter Plumbing Tips

5 Important Winter Plumbing Tips

In colder weather, your pipes have a considerably higher possibility of freezing and bursting. According to the Insurance Institute for Business and Home Safety, burst pipes are one of the most frequent causes of property damage in cold weather, resulting in thousands of dollars in water damage. Adhering to a few winter plumbing maintenance recommendations and then hiring a qualified plumber are the best ways to avoid this expensive issue.

CBJ Passaic Plumbers is here to help with all of your winter plumbing repair needs. Yet, you can also complete certain straightforward chores by yourself. These are five simple plumbing advice for winter.

#1 Turn off your external hose.

Your outside hose typically suffers first when it’s cold outside. One of the most important tips for avoiding frozen pipes is to disconnect and store all of your outside hoses. Make sure to do this task so that your hose is safely stored before the first cold front. For outside faucets, shut-off valves should be located and closed during freezing temperatures.

#2 Check your home for leaks.

In the fall, you should also inspect your property for plumbing leaks. Check the faucets and shower heads for signs of low water pressure and make a note of it. If you notice any leaks, call a professional right away to have them fixed. No matter how minor the leak, it can eventually build up, wasting water and increasing your utility costs.

#3 Make an effort to always keep your house warm.

This tip may sound obvious, but it will help keep your home warm and stop your pipes from freezing. Low interior temperatures are the primary cause of bursting pipes in homes. Your thermostat should be set to a minimum indoor temperature of 55 degrees and turned on.

#4 Check your sinks for any potential clogging issues.

It’s not a good idea to use your sink as a garbage disposal. Oils and fats flushed down the drain may freeze during periods of cold weather, especially during the winter. This could lead to clogged drains, which would be problematic. When it gets chilly outdoors, keep your drains open and make sure to properly dispose of grease to avoid your pipes freezing.

#5 Ensure that your pipes are inspected.

If you have never had your pipes inspected, a professional can make sure they are functional for the upcoming winter. Also, they could protect your property from bursting pipes by insulating and, if necessary, repairing broken pipes. Take precautions because a burst pipe could dramatically change a homeowner’s life.

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