When you’ve been looking forward to a soothing bath, backed-up bathtubs are particularly uncomfortable. Occasionally, unclean water or unpleasant odors may be present when bathtubs start to back up. But why may your bathtub’s water be backing up? To learn more about the symptoms, the underlying causes, and the various solutions available, continue reading. 

Symptoms of Clogged Drainage Systems

You may be alerted to congested drainage systems by a number of symptoms. The following are some typical symptoms of blocked drainage systems: 

• When you get out of the bath or shower, the water drains slowly. 

• Following a bathroom sink run, the water in your toilet rises or bubbles. 

• When you flush the toilet, water enters the shower.

Your drains are giving off a sewer-like stink.

The aforementioned red flags always point to either mild or significant sewer line plumbing problems. If you detect these symptoms, you shouldn’t wait to contact a skilled emergency plumber. 

What Causes Clogged Drains?

If not addressed right once, clogged sewer and drainage systems can result in substantial damage to flooring, walls, and electrical systems. The following list includes some of the typical causes of backed-up sewer lines: 

• Drainage pipes are susceptible to damage as they age. Aged pipes may leak as a result of increased pressure brought on by development. Dirt and other particles that block sewer systems are likely to enter if there is a leak. 

• Insoluble Items: When items like wipes, cooled grease, condoms, and feminine products are flushed down the toilet, they block up large sewer pipes. 

• Tree and shrub roots: When looking for underground water sources, shrub and tree roots may squeak into pipes, causing them to break and the joints of the pipes to get damaged. Dirt and other particles enter the pipe as a result of such damage, clogging it. 

• Multipurpose Pipes: Multipurpose pipes carrying excessive amounts of raw sewage and rainfall during rainstorms may also cause sewer line blockage, especially in low-lying drains.  

Drain Clog Removal Techniques

As soon as you become aware of the warning indications of blocked systems, it is usually best to call a licensed plumber to resolve the problem. Following are a few examples of typical solutions to these problems:

• Video inspection is used to investigate the issue. 

• Hydro jetting to clear up your blocked system. 

• Using drain cleaners to unclog the pipes. 

• Making use of a cleaning instrument that drains snakes

• Pipe replacement 

Bathtub backups typically point to a plumbing issue with your sewage line or drainage pipes. On your various drainage systems, you may typically see numerous warning signals that should alert you to the problem. Never hesitate to call emergency plumbing services if you encounter cautionary indicators like bubbling toilet water and sewage odors coming from the drains. To protect them from backed-up bathtubs, share this article with your relatives and friends.

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