Water heater Troubleshooting Guide | Checking the Water Heater's Reset Button

Water heater Troubleshooting Guide | Checking the Water Heater’s Reset Button

The water heater’s reset button will instantly cut off power to the heating elements if it detects that they are experiencing too much resistance. A frigid shower is frequently the first sign that a homeowner’s reset button, which interrupts power to the water heater’s heating elements, has been tripped. This is so because a lot of householders shower in the morning.

You must know exactly where to find and how to test the reset button on your water heater. You must be aware of where the reset button is placed and what to do if pressing the button does not immediately fix the problem if your water does not heat up.

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What exact location is the water heater reset button?

The reset button is typically located next to the thermostat on the water heater. You will want a screwdriver to remove the thermostat’s cover plate so that you can reach the thermostat and its reset button. If you check closely, insulation may be present around the thermostat. In some variants, a plastic cover is placed over the wires near the reset button and temperature dial to protect them. Be aware that while most modern electric water heaters have two heating elements and two thermostats, there is typically only one reset button available.

The owner’s handbook can be reviewed if you need help locating the button to reset the thermostat on your water heater. There should be a labeled diagram of the water heater at the top of the instruction handbook

How to test the reset button's functionality

If the reset button is lit up or the heating element has tripped, you must reset the thermostat on your electric water heater. The thermostat reset button will normally be next to one of the thermostats (often the top one), and it will be red in color. Pushing the button is all that is required to reset the thermostat (but be careful not to touch any of the wires in the area). Your water should be hot again for about an hour when the thermostat’s electricity is restored as a result.

Still, tripping the reset button?

If after pressing the reset button on the thermostat, it still trips, the thermostat might be broken. Alternately, the power source that the water heater is using may be experiencing a persistent issue. For assistance in your region, get in touch with CBJ Passaic Plumbers.

Get Assistance from a Professional with Your Thermostat-Related Issues

It’s necessary to call in the help of a plumbing expert if after checking your water heater and pressing the reset button the issue persists. Your water heater will always be in top operating shape thanks to the professional repair service for water heaters that CBJ Passaic Plumbers offers. We will identify and resolve all problems with your water heater, including those with the thermostat. You can reach us online or give your neighborhood CBJ Passaic Plumbers a call at (973) 601-5593 right away for an estimate.