How To Remove A Drain Stopper

How To Remove A Drain Stopper

A bathtub drain stopper is used to seal the drain and prevent water from pouring down it. It frequently becomes stuck, making turning on and off the faucet difficult. If you remove the drain stopper at this stage, you will have a better understanding of the fundamental source of the problem. It’s also vital to know how to remove your drain stopper if it’s not precisely positioned. If your stopper isn’t entirely covering the bottom of the tub when it’s in place, it won’t properly keep the water in, making bath time a chore.

The first step in learning how to remove a drain stopper is determining which type will be used to solve your problem. The most common types of bathtub drain stoppers are described in the following article.

Push/Pull Stopper

This style of stopper features a push-pull rod on the side. A spherical handle extends from one end of this rod, and your finger fits into the hole at the other. The push-pull mechanism is linked to a plunger, which plunges down into the drain to stop the flow of water. How to Remove a Push-Pull Tub Stopper

  1. Remove the knob from the stopper’s top. Remove the stopper and knob by hand. Wiggle the knob with one hand until it comes loose.
  2. Is the knob too hard to turn with your hands? Grab a cloth and wrap it around it carefully before releasing it with normal pliers.
  3. Once separated, look for the exact point that joins the strainer’s crossbar to the stopper. Using a standard flathead screwdriver, remove the pot from the strainer.

Toe-Touch Tub Stopper

Toe-touch tub stoppers are pliers-shaped and may be pulled up to open the drain. As you press it down, the handle is released, and the stopper closes both drains in your bathtub. How do you remove a toe-touch tub stopper?

  1. Wrap a screwdriver or a pair of tongs around one end of the plunger rod that extends from under the rubber top. Pry this rod free with your tools.
  2. After you’ve removed the plunger, pull up on the rubber top to release it from its base. You should now be able to release the strainer by rotating the head clockwise with your hands.
  3. Pull the head up and away from the stopper once it has been unscrewed.
  4. Grip the knob on top of the bathtub drain that is attached to this type of stopper with your hands. Pull up slowly until the stopper is free of its base.

Lift and Turn Tub Stopper

Two screws hold a lift and turn the tub stopper in place. How do you remove this type of bathtub drain stopper?

  1. With the stopper set to “open,” one hand should be placed on top of the body to maintain it in place.
  2. Remove the stopper from the strainer and slowly rotate the knob in the other direction, looking for a screw placed on the knob. If you can’t find one, turn the stopper counterclockwise to remove it from the filter until it can be removed.
  3. The threads are occasionally missing, making removal impossible. Try gradually turning it upward and dragging it up.
  4. If your stopper does not have a screw set directly on the knob but still does not unscrew, lift it up and rotate it until you find a little screw.
  5. To release the screw, use a screwdriver or a wrench. To remove the stopper, do not entirely remove the screws. If the screw is completely removed, it can easily fall inside the drain.
  6. If there are no set screws on either the stopper or the knob, it is most likely a channel/pin mechanism.
  7. Remove the stopper from the channel and slowly turn it in the other direction, aligning the bottom slot with the pin on the top half.
  8. Wiggle the stopper up to release it.

Alternative Tub Stoppers

A flip-it® tub stopper is screwed to the bottom of the overflow plate. This style of tub stopper is usually straightforward to remove. To remove the stopper, hold it by the body and twist it up and down (try all directions) until it comes free.

Steps to Take After the Process Is Complete

After you’ve removed the bathtub drain stopper, use a flashlight to peer down the drain. If your bathtub takes a long time to drain, there could be an accumulation of soap scum, hair, and other material blocking the drain. If the obstruction isn’t too deep, you might be able to pull the strainer off and unstick it yourself if you’re courageous enough. However, you may avoid all of the unpleasantness by having CBJ Passaic Plumbers take care of your bathtub.

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