04 - types of sewer line problems

6 Common Causes of Sewer Line Problems

You probably don’t think much about your sewage pipes. This is useful because if your sewage pipes are a concern, there is a significant sewer line problem somewhere on your property.

Clogged or damaged sewage lines might endanger your home or place of business. If the sewage waste cannot flow in the proper direction and returns to where it came from, it may impact the health and welfare of those using the building.

6 Common Causes of Sewer Line Problems

Determining the causes of a few common sewage line problems may be possible, which can help Passaic NJ residents quickly locate a solution. The following is a list of the most frequent causes of sewage line damage.

1. Tree Roots

Sadly, we don’t have much influence over how plants and trees develop. Growing roots may cause underground pipes to become misaligned. Tree roots may harm the pipes’ connecting points in older houses. If they are broken, the pipe might explode and accidentally damage the structure.

Your subterranean pipes may need to be replaced or repaired if tree roots are corroding them. Trenchless technology has eliminated the requirement for ground excavation for issue diagnosis and repair by plumbers. This will make it possible to remedy the issue without risking more property harm.

2. Pipe Corrosion

The movement of water may cause substantial corrosion in sewer systems. The metal eventually degrades as a result of oxidation. If the right action is not taken, the pipe might burst, leaving a huge mess to clean up.

3. Blockages

The first sewage line problem that comes to mind may be a clogged pipe. The pipes in your home, restaurant, or place of business may often get clogged with hair, food, or grease buildup. The same principles apply to sewer pipes. They sometimes occur, albeit less often than obstructions in smaller pipes.

4. Age of the Pipes

In reality, pipes do not last forever. The material may ultimately get destroyed due to inadequate maintenance or constant wear and tear. Even the most resilient pipes may slowly deteriorate and lose strength. An old sewage line could be the source of an unwanted problem.

5. Grease

It is advisable not to pour oil into your kitchen sink. Grease solidifies when it cools, creating a viscous substance that often clogs pipes. The pipes in your house may be OK for a short period when grease is dumped into drains in its liquid condition, but as the grease travels deeper down the pipes, it may start to harden. It may cause a serious blockage that needs professional assistance to remove when it accumulates on the sewage line’s walls.

6. Machinery

Construction workers should take underground pipes into account. However, accidents do happen. The adjoining property might be harmed if a construction team collides with huge equipment, breaks connections, or causes sewage system leaks.

Signs of Sewer Line Problems

It is essential to be aware of the warning signs given the variety of reasons for sewage line problems. If you see any of these symptoms, contact a licensed plumber immediately to correct the issue before the damage worsens.

Discolored Water

A problem with your sewage line may be to fault if you try to use your sink and the water seems murky brown. Rusted or corroded pipes may contaminate water with bacteria and minerals, discoloring it. If the problem persists, get it inspected by trained personnel.

Strange Smells

Wastewater is moved via sewer pipes from homes or other large buildings to treatment facilities. A blocked sewage line is evident when a bad smell penetrates a building. If there are significant obstacles, foul odors from waste that has been trapped may reach your home via the sewage system. This might smell like decaying eggs or something equally nasty.

Health Issues

If inhabitants of your home have health problems like coughing or breathing problems, your sewage system may be at fault. Any bacteria or gasses that leak from damaged pipes may cause respiratory issues. For your and your family’s safety, ensure that your sewage line is in outstanding condition.

Pooling Water

If a sewage line breaks, water may collect in your yard. The soil might be damaged if water leaks beneath pipelines and floods the area. When this happens, contact a professional right once to have the sewage line repaired.

Avoid Passaic NJ Sewer Line Problems with CBJ Passaic Plumbers

If you think there is a damaged sewage line on your property, have it addressed immediately even though your home is supposed to be a pleasant retreat, sewer line problems may make it anything but. The team at CBJ Passaic Plumbers is here to help you as quickly as possible to restore the condition of your sewage lines in Passaic NJ. When damaged pipes are discovered, we can swiftly replace them thanks to our trenchless technology. Contact your local Passaic NJ plumber to learn more about our services for replacing and repairing sewage lines!